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Thread: Sorry to drudge up bad memories...

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    Thumbs down Sorry to drudge up bad memories...

    But I learned something interesting today. Vinny Cerrato hosts a show on my local sportstalk radio on this side of the US. He is always telling stories about his GM days with Washington and San Fran. Today, he gave some fun information about the '09 draft (McDaniels' 1st one). Apparently, the Redskins wanted Brian Orakpo really really bad. They had been calling a few teams in the top 10 as he slid and when Denver went on the clock, Vinny called Brian Xanders and offered a 3rd round pick to move up 1 spot to take Orakpo. Xanders said he would call Vinny back in a minute or 2. So he calls him back and says (paraphrasing), don't worry about moving up, your guy is going to fall to you and went on to select Knowshon Moreno. Vinny went on to say that the reason he didn't take the trade anyway and take the extra 3rd to move down 1 spot is because Xanders was so paranoid about trading the pick to Washington, then having the Redskins turn around and trade the pick to someone else (San Diego, most likely) who wanted to move up for Moreno.

    Is it just me or does that sound moronic? The Skins were about to basically give us a 3rd round pick (Mike Wallace and Ladarius Webb went a few picks after the Skins took Kevin Barnes in the 3rd that season, in case anyone was wondering.) and Xanders turned it down because he thought the Skins would trade up, then trade out of that pick so someone can scoop up the guy we wanted? I don't ever remember any draft where a team traded up to an on the clock pick, then traded out of it.

    Like I said, sorry for bringing up the past, but if you guys remember I was very angry with passing on Orakpo for a RB. I'm actually still very sore about it, considering I have a lot of friends who are Redskin fans that remind me about it. I usually just mention Champ Bailey and they shut up, but that's not the point. Then, come to find out this tidbit. Grr... can't say that this softens the blow any.
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    Not shocking to me. The only thing I would say that I've never seen a team move up for a pick then trade down with that same pick, so the liklihood that Washington was going to ship it away and San Diego move up for Moreno is unlikely but at the same time very possible for an AFC West team to give Washington a call assuming we take Moreno to try and pull something cute so they can get their guy. At the same time if teams fall in love with a guy they don't want to risk any chance of losing that guy then regretting it. Sadly in this case the guy we wanted bad enough not to take that change was a guy who has busted. Has this been a super star nobody would have issues with it.

    I think it just shows you how much Xanders liked Moreno and how he didn't want to take any sort or risk that some team would do that to them.

    Everyone always talks about all these different ways that we could have gotten Mike Wallace, but honestly what are the chances he'd have been our pick back in the day at that time? There are always gonna be great players that people pass on. For all we know we valued Wallace as a 5th rounder.

    If it was me I'd have taken the small risk and made the trade, but then again if I was as high on Moreno was I was Ed Reed I'd have not taken the risk. Appears Xanders was just that high on Moreno and did not one ounce of bit to lose him. If Moreno turns out great it wouldn't be made a big issue, now that he has turned out a bust it really sucks, but who is to say our 3rd rounder would have turned out anyway?
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    I wonder if we get more of the Xanders story episodes in the next few weeks. The above does sound pretty dumb - I'd take that chance in a second. We do have an advantage now - knowing how the various players turned out.

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    Teams aren't gonna burn bridges with teams on draft day, and that's what Wash would of done if they traded with Denver and then sent that pick to that teams division rival. The Skins would of been been close to blacklisted by every team if they pulled a d!ck move like that. If true, it shows Xanders being way over his head and not knowing the NFL draft.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mingo View Post

    The above does sound pretty dumb - I'd take that chance in a second. .
    I agree.

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