I was thinking about the draft and out of anticipation for 2012 season to start but with little to do thought it would be at least something to do and look back at 2011 MFL draft and issue a re-draft with hindsight. Im not taking team needs into account just going primarily by the numbers.

1. Origional Pick, AJ Green WR New Pick Cam Newton QB
2. Origional Pick, Julio Jones WR. New Pick AJ Green WR
3. Origional Pick, Mark Ingram RB, New Pick, Julio Jones WR
4. Origional Pick, David Thomas RB, New Pick, Andy Daulton QB
5. Origional Pick, Greg Little WR, New Pick, Torrey Smith WR
6. Origional PIck, Jon Baldwin WR, New Pick, Roy Helu RB
7. Origional Pick, Cam Newton QB, New PIck, Titus Young WR
8. Origional Pick, Titus Young WR, New Pick, Greg Little WR
9. Origional Pick, Roy Helu RB, New Pick DeMarco Murray RB
10. Origional Pick, Ridley Stevan RB, New PIck DeNarius Moore WR
11. Origional PIck, Blaine Gabbart QB, New Pick, Same
12. Origional Pick, Torrey Smith WR, New Pick, Christian Ponder QB
13. Origional Pick, Kyle Rudolph TE, New Pick, Mark Ingram RB
14. Origional Pick, Leonard Hankerson WR, New Pick, Kendall Hunter RB