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Thread: Drafting Floyd May Have Gotten More Slim ...

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    Drafting Floyd May Have Gotten More Slim ...

    Larry Fitzgerald wants Floyd taken by the Cardinals @ #13. Although obviously GM's are not controlled by player's wishes, its interesting how this could be affected where he is drafted. AT points Floyd in a higher light...that is for sure.

    P.S. Noticed though Fitz may not have the leverage he would have had if he was in a contract year. He signed an 8 year $120million deal before last season began.

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    Yeesh, Fitz on one side and Floyd on the other - a QB's dream duo.

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    Unlike some of you want to realize, there was always just a small chance that Floyd lasted past pick 18.

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    In the same way that what Jay Cutler wants won't bend what Phil Emory does, I highly doubt that Fitzgerald has any influence whatsoever on Arizona's decision making process.
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