Story 1 : Matt Kalil ?

The Chiefs might trade up in the draft for Matt Kalil. Should the Dolphins trade UP for Tannehill w/ the Vikings, the Chiefs might seek a trade w/ the Browns.

True or False? : Perhaps, but it's unlikely to happen. My gut has said for some time that the Chiefs are trying to get a player to drop to 11. And they might not want that player to drop to them.... but for another team that is looking to move up?

Story 2 : Amini Silatolu may be the belle of the ball .......

If the Chiefs trade down, Amini Silatolu might be the prize they are eyeing. He's a Division II player. His youtube video is amazing.

True or False? False. The Chiefs fanbase has a blood thirst for some Miami Heat of Offensive Lines theory. Even though I like DeCastro, I don't see Pioli drafting DeCastro when a future Left Tackle is on the cheat sheet. He won't want to be in a position to franchise Albert if he doesn't deserve it nor does he want to be in a position where Albert is worth re-signing and have a back up tackle that we spent a Day 1 / 2 pick on. A guard / tackle hybrid could be on the menu. Cordy Glenn comes to mind. Riley Reiff as well.

Story 3 : Michael Brockers is the pick , if he's there.

True or False True. The restructuring of Tyson Jackson's deal that basically allows the Chiefs to drop him after next season is the main reasoning behind this. The Chiefs need a 5 tech that can play 3 downs. Especially against pass heavy , no huddle Os.

Another point to be made is that Brockers could likely play some NT in run situations. He would spend a year being a role player and grow into whatever role is needed. If the future is Jackson/Brockers/Bailey so be it.

Story 4 : Mark Barron could be the dark horse pick

Ture or False False. Although I'd love it to happen, I feel the Barron is a trade target to Dallas or Philadelphia. The trade proposition might have already been made between Dallas and KC during the bid war over Brandon Carr.

Story 5 : Pass Rush will be the Key to this Draft

True or False True. Perhaps it won't be in the first round, but I can't imagine the Chiefs not addressing defensive speed in the draft. Although Houston and Hali looked amazing last season, the Chiefs did not have a 3rd pass rusher. Although DeMorrio Williams is gone and Brandon Siler is back, the Chiefs do not have a up-the-middle pass rusher like they did. They might not do it conventionally , but expect the defensive players that are drafted to have sacks on their resume.

Story 6 : Lamar Miller will be the pick if it's the 3rd round

True or False True. Most people are not noting that even though we picked up Peyton Hillis, the Chiefs have still lost Thomas Jones, Jackie Battle, and LeRon McClain. With Charles coming back from an ACL injury, I would not say that Pioli is comfortrable enough with DexMex and Hillis as his only two 100% backs. Especially if Charles stays out of most of training camp to insure that his ACL is completely healthy. Miller is also a special teams prospect that is fantastic in open space. Isiah Pead is another option if Miller is gone.