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Thread: 'Yahoo's Charles Robinson comments on concussion litigation. ( isn't good)

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    'Yahoo's Charles Robinson comments on concussion litigation. ( isn't good)!/CharlesRobinson

    High ranking legal source w/ strong ties 2 NFL owners says concussion litigation has grown into biggest financial threat in league history.


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    Why do you think they're putting all these rules in place? The league doesn't care about player safety... They care about preventing these law suits.

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    My guess is most of the suits get thrown out anyway. As sad as it is that some of these guys are suffering health issues due to Concussions, for them to say the league was anymore aware than they themselves were is nonsense. Nobody knew the long lasting effects of Concussions until the past few years after numerous studies. It's a cash grab - I understand why many former players are jumping in - but that's all it is.

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