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Thread: found this.....whatcha think?

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    found this.....whatcha think?

    24 Melvin Ingram OB South Carolina
    56 Alameda Ta’amu NT Washington
    86 Trumaine Johnson DC Montana
    119 Markus Zusevics OT Iowa
    159 Robert Turbin RB Utah State
    193 James Brown OG Troy
    231 Wes Kemp WR Missouri
    240 DJ Holt IB California
    246 Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma
    248 Marcus Dowtin IB North Alabama

    from Ourlads.
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    I saw that yesterday too. Dunno how I could rationalize an OLB in the first. Ingram's a player, but.....

    I also don't think that they can forget about ILB until taking a flyer on some guy with a comp pick in the 7th. Not saying that they have to take one in the first, but I don't see how they could wait until pick 240 either.

    That said, other than Zusevics in 4 I'm okay with most of the players, I guess. MZ ripped his pectoral at the Combine. Doubt they'd need to take him that early at all. Serious doubts he plays his rookie year with that injury.

    Johnson in the third wouldn't be a bad get. Turbin and Brown would be nice darts to throw at those picks if they were there, although Turbin doesn't fit the mold of the backs they've been bringing in to visit this offseason. Broyles could be a pretty big steal eventually if he bounces back, but I also don't think he'd last until the very end of the round 7th comps.
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