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Thread: Joe Eszterhas blasts Mel Gibson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongo Freebase View Post
    1. Who is Joe Eszterhas?
    2. Why should I care what Joe Eszterhas thinks on any topic, let alone a washed up actor?
    3. Who considers Mel Gibson a great Christian?

    2. no reason

    3. don't care
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongo Freebase View Post
    Oh, then I apologize. I thought your real point was to say that Gibson's slobbering, Christian, hero worshipping fans would look the other way on his anti-semitism.
    That's just some of the evidence for my main point.
    Other evidence is that Eszterhas himself looked the other way for a while, by his own account.
    Is it solipsistic in here, or is it just me?

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