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Thread: Global strategy Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderspirit View Post
    scoring more points wins championships. period.

    there are a lot of ways to do that -- your team's D stops the them, gets a pick-6, Manning-esque shootouts -- but the fact remains.
    True statement.

    However, the proposed study would give information regarding which approach has worked most frequently in the past - scoring more points than your opponent by having a powerful offense or by having a stingy defense.

    It doesn't mean that there is only one way to solve the problem, but it MAY mean that one way is easier/better/more frequently successful in the NFL given the rules in place, the salary cap, etc.
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    I haven't read anything posted past about post 5. So I'm just going to throw what I'm thinking out there.

    I answered both above average. I have always believed that defense wins championships. But I'm changing a little bit. With the rules leaning more and more in favor of offense, you simply must be able to leverage that and score points significantly. I still lean toward defense. But that wasn't a poll option.

    Right now, Emery walks into a situation where the team is in win now mode. We have aging stars on defense who will be difficult to replace in a short time, so Emery needs to take advantage of what they have left. It would be utterly laughable for him to trade our stars for draft picks and start a rebuilding program. With win now in mind, Emery needs to do what he can to fill those needs the best he can. But unless a guy has dropped for an odd medical or character reason, he won't be able to meet short term needs after R2 or R3. So with those day 2 picks, he can move toward building his team of the future.

    The offense/defense emphasis doesn't really enter into my thinking so much. A lot depends of how you have players rated and the make up of the existing team. Since the team has more age on the defensive side of the ball, I'd lean more in that direction in the draft.
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    Just a thought on this hypothesis of the increasing importance of the offense in this league (if even Mikefive--the guy with the Butkus Avatar--is starting to concede that point then something must be happening:)

    It would seem that in this kind of league, Lovie's fundamental D philosophy makes the most sense.

    In other words, in a league where the offense is going to score (because the league has been set up that way,) your defense must: a) prevent the big play/quick strike scoring, b) force the opposing offense to play error free (give them the dink/dunk underneath stuff, c) develop a culture of turn overs.

    It makes sense. Execution is another story but I have no issue with that philosophy.

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