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Thread: According to various sources, Mike Wallace has no plans to sign his tender.

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    According to various sources, Mike Wallace has no plans to sign his tender.

    If this is true we may be headed into a long holdout. If he does this I hope the Steelers move on as if he is not going to play in 2013 and let him sit until he comes to his senses. No one is bigger than the team!

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    Wo'nt sign his tender... cause he's gonna sign a long term deal.
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    He was never signing that tender until the last minute possible, so this really isn't news. Terrible idea for him to sign it. Takes away what leverage he has.

    He'll eventually sign it though, it just may be the week before Game 1. He needs the "2012 season" box on his ticket to be punched to be able to qualify as a UFA in '13.

    Only thing he'll signing before the 11th hour will be an extension....which he won't be getting if he's still expecting that Fitzgerald money that was reported.
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    He's going to be a prick when it comes to money, which means you can bet he won't be a long-term player here.

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    I hope this doesn't turn into another DeSean Jackson incident where Wallace comes back, but only gives 25% because he doesn't want to get hurt this year before becoming a FA.

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    The FO has to stand pat on not over paying him and setting a presidence with Brown coming up next year. If Brown would outperform Wallace then we'd be in a mess. In the end Wallace will sign the tender but hoping we can get him signed long term for a decent price. If he's looking Fitzgerald money he won't get it, he's not there yet though he is definitely a key weapon that opens up the offense.
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