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Thread: Anyone doing a predictions thread?

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    Anyone doing a predictions thread?

    I actually remembered to check BEFORE the playoffs started and nobody has a thread up yet! What gives?
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    Well I dont like my Canucks matching up against the red hot Johnny Quick in round one, but hopefully we can suck it up and get it done.

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    Ah yes a great time of year.......My Redwings are getting healthy but I dont know if they have enough in the tank to get to the cup. It will be hard to even get past the the first round with the tough Nashvile Predators. This matchup is probably one of the most even matchups of any but I still like my Redwings here. I dont have time to put together a predictions thread right now but if one is not up by tomorrow I will toss one together.

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    Great White North eh!!!
    playoffs are wide open....

    the healthiest team is going to go a long way.....
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