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    Are there no quotes now in quick reply? Most sites also have an image feature icon [(img). imgnow? I've never seen that.]; A quote feature, like we used to have, highlight, click quote icon...; sometimes a youtube icon I know how to do it (youtube), but i think these things are available in a "new" version, no?

    A forum "go" button rather than a "scroll and hunt" quick navigation that takes multiple clicks.

    We used to have all sorts of formatting as if you're using a microsoft word page and not the icons usually associated with forums (image, quote, youtube, "go" or forum jump) wonder if this software was meant for a different purpose?

    Site looks bad since the scrunching procedure, hope that can be smoothed out.

    Thanks for the free forum. Not expecting a reply, I can type quote and imgnow and i always just click my bookmark to go back to the forum main page. it's easier.

    Please don't improve the site anymore. Thank you.
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