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Thread: My draft predictions

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    My draft predictions

    Got a job working on a film - won't be here much until the draft. Might be here on draft day.

    Predictions (w/ the assumption that Luck, RGIII, Kalil,Claiborne, and Richardson are gone) :

    Chiefs will pick one of these players in the first round- (ie this is what their draft board probably looks like)

    Ryan Tannehill - no question. We draft him. It's not even to the point of whether you like Cassel or not. Has more to do with the fact that last year Tyler Palko's play kept us from winning a playoff bid / got Haley fired during the season. The Chiefs did not create a bidding war w/ Dallas over Orton. They did not pay top dollar to a highly ranked back up.

    Pioli can buy time for himself and Crennel / Hunt can buy respect with this pick. Especially if he drops. If it's a trade up. Don't even feel that shocked (aside from the franchise typically not making these moves).

    Cassel could be cut a year before his contract is over (which is 2014) and the Chiefs wouldn't be caught in a bad cap penalty. Cutting Cassel this Season could also open up money for re-signing Bowe (who won't come back if Cassel is still here) and Albert (who if not franchised, will get top dollar when hitting the market)

    Bottom line : If the Chiefs are in position to draft Barkley / Jones that means both Pioli and Crennel are out of jobs. Even if you hate the pick, keep in mind that the Chiefs have a ton of offensive pieces and coaches that make it an easier transition to start in the NFL. This is 3x better than Bradford's situation in St. Louis or Freeman's situation in Tampa.

    Melvin Ingram - Consolation prize. Perhaps. Ingram is the defensive player that has DROY written all over him. Although he's a tweener in some schemes, the success of the 3 headed dragon w/ the Giants (Osi, Tuck, JPP) is enough to convince anyone that this wouldn't be a bad move.

    Stephon Gilmore - Similar to Ingram, the idea that you just need 2 corners is absurd.
    Not only is the Chiefs secondary depth weak, it has struggled against big targets.

    Michael Brockers - I might rank him lower. Brockers might be more raw than Tyson Jackson, but will probably need 2 years to develop as a 5 tech or NT. Pioli had time for those types of plays when he first signed w/ the Hunts. Now it's gone.

    Cordy Glenn - Had the Chiefs somehow made the playoffs, this would be the safest most stereo-typical move the Chiefs could make. Glenn could start at Left or Right Guard immediately. In a year he could move to Left Tackle.

    Luke Kuechly - Smart player. But he lacks the sexy-ness of a Patrick Willis or Urlacher to be put higher than the other players.

    TRADE DOWN - Although it's literally impossible for all of those players to be off the board - i think the Chiefs could look into trading down once we get here.

    Brock Osweiler - I was a huge fan of Osweiler until I saw his final two games. He's a 180 from Cousins. Whereas Cousins might be too-smart for his own good (ie Ryan Fitzpatrick ) , Osweiler's major issues involve him thinking too slow and not pre-reading defenses that well. His athletic ability is off the charts - he has a left foot injury that prevented him to be timed at the combine but most experts predict he's a 4.7 QB at 6'7 . He was also a 4 star SF basketball recruit that decided to become a football player at ASU at the last minute. Probably has the strongest arm in the draft and the best spiral. He's improved his elbow. The positives : Pioli is a big fan of Roethlesberger and Osweiler could pack on weight to help prevent injuries. A few people have stated that Stanzi didn't start because he hadn't gained the padding that most coaches want at QB.

    The other positive = Jim Zorn. Although Zorn had resistance from Cassel last season, he might actually benefit by getting a QB like Osweiler. Osweiler might be a Chief based on the fact that Dennis Erickson - Osweiler's former coach was also Jim Zorn's former coach and MENTOR. The ASU offense was a Pro Style Offense but different than what the Chiefs plan to run this coming here. If Osweiler could gain weight, a respectable comparison could be Bucc's QB Josh Freeman. Whereas Andy Dalton is a safe QB, players like Freeman have more Superstar potential....even if they burn out faster

    Kirk Cousins - Most draft experts might pick Foles or Weedon higher than Cousins.
    Cousins is more Andy Dalton / Christian Ponder/ Matt Moore than Josh Freeman / Jake Locker / Jimmy Clausen. That being said he would work much better in the Chiefs / Patriots / Dolphins offense than any other player not named Luck/Griffin/Tannehill. He played in more packages. He calls out more audibles. And he has more leadership qualities. Cousins is extremely smart - although he might have the polarizing affect that Tebow has. Many of his errors could be blamed on the lack of athleticism his wide receivers showed on the field more than arm strength. On one play you'll see him performing sign language with a WR 30 yards down. On the next you'll see him throw a curl when the receiver reads go. You can watch a lot of his tape and wonder what could have happened if he were at a Notre Dame or Oregon. His bowl game is fairly impressive.

    Jerel Worthy - Another Spartan. He appears to be more of a 4-3 player. However as I state below, I could see the Chiefs running calls similar to 4-3 than true 3-4. The Chiefs main Defense is a sub package. Worthy is a player that you could create plays around.

    Brandon Boykins - The Jon Baldwin type of pick. I think Boykins has Pro Bowl potential as a corner. Amongst defensive prospects, he's the best special teams player in the draft. The Chiefs need help on special teams.

    OFF the board

    Dontari Poe - too long to develop
    Quentin Coples - bad attitude
    Trent Richardson - too much $$ in RBs
    Fletcher Cox - project in the 3-4. Needs a year to gain weight
    Devon Still - fell on belly a lot. Would be a 3rd/4th round pick to 3-4 teams

    Prediction 2 : The Chiefs will draft an offensive lineman in the first two rounds.

    Prediction 3 : Chiefs will draft 2 or More Defensive backs in the draft.

    Prediction 4 : Chiefs will draft 2 or More Offensive linemen in the draft

    Prediction 5 : Chiefs will draft a 4-3 DE that, in all likelyhood, can't play 3-4 OLB or 5 Tech. (To replace Wallace Gilberry)

    Prediction 5b : Chiefs could draft a few players that fit 4-3 as much as 3-4. Similar to last year's drafting of Allen Bailey. Dorsey is going into a contract year. They might put him in some 4-3 situations to utilize his pass rushing ability.

    Prediction 6 : I think Terrance Copper and Travis Daniels are both gone. Add to the list DeMorrio Williams and the Chiefs special teams will need to be entirely rebuilt. I expect them to look for a , perhaps unknown , gunner late in the draft.

    Prediction 7 : Chiefs might select a back up center late as well with Weigman leaving. Polk from Michigan or Brester of OSU could make sense.

    Other / Free Agency : Chiefs will sign Shaun Cody and/or Luis Castillo sometime on the last day of the draft.

    Outside of trading back... if there's a chance to get a Julian Edelman type of special teams player / backup slot WR the Chiefs might do that. Pioli likes drafting a player that has dropped that fits the OC's or HC's speciality. Daboll was NE's WR coach who helped the development of Wes Welker and Givens. Also helped Randy Moss get over his funk.
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    Not to detract from the rest of your salient points, but Daboll left to be the Jets QB coach before the Pats picked up Moss and Welker. Nick Caserio was the WR coach that year.
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    FYI...Luis Castillo and Chris Carr have both signed with other teams...looks like we've chilled out with signings while some good depth is getting signed by the other guys
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