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Thread: Anyone Else Think Kirk Cousins is the 3rd Best QB in the Draft??

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    Anyone Else Think Kirk Cousins is the 3rd Best QB in the Draft??

    I mean, he may not have the upside of a guy like Tannehill, but did teams learn nothing from Andy Dalton last year? He's the perfect fit for the West Coast, but has an underrated arm that I think would be fine in any offense. He needs to work on hit footwork, but he shows a willingness to do so. I'd rather have him in the 2nd or 3rd than Tannehill top-10.... anyone share these sentiments?
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    I said so a long time ago. And I think NFL guys who interview him will have him higher than a lot of these online scouts and stuff. He's one of the smartest QB's out there, was Pre-med until he was convinced that he was an NFL draftable QB, and that he wouldn't have time to do both. Three time team captain, was named a captain by his team mates as a sophomore, despite he had never started before, wasn't the projected starter as training camp opened, and was even named the sole starter when the season started (he shared 1st team QB for the first few games of that season). Was asked to give the opening speech or keynote or whatever at the big 10 coaches conference. He's as high as you can get in off field and intangibles, and unlike a Tebow, he is actually a guy who is draftable and would make a roster just based on his throwing the ball.

    I can see a team falling in love with him pretty easily, especially a offensive type head coach who is new or newish and wants his type of guy. I could easily see Harbough loving the guy, but I'm really not sure he would still be there where they are slated to draft.

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    I really like him but the only thing that scares me(and I know it's wrong) is the history of Spartan QB's in the NFL...
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    I agree, alot like Dalton but a slightly better arm. Probably not quite as accurate.

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    Dalton is a very accurate comparison. Dalton has a little better accuracy and a willingness to preserve the football at a better rate. Cousin's will wing it on occasion but overall they are very similar.

    I like Cousins a lot in round 2.
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    He has some serious short comings, his arm is rather average to below average and his deep throws are at best weak by NFL standards. He has everything else you would want in tangibles, but if you cannot make all the throws in the NFL, you are at best a career backup.

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    Meh, he seems like another Michigan State QB to me. The system tends to make them look better than they really are and I think he will be a backup.

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    Based on my tape study of Cousins I felt he was lacking some key attributes. Many disagree. I know some see Dalton. Could go early 2nd.

    Greg Cosell ‏ @gregcosell Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    I've seen Cousins compared to Dalton. Dalton managed + manipulated by scheme but also threw with great anticipation, especially in red zone

    Greg Cosell ‏ @gregcosell Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Another thought on Cousins. What I didn't see was refined pocket movement. Often drifted into pressure + increased difficulty of throws.

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    Cousins has sparked lot of debate. Didn't see efficiency I expected. Could drive ball better with slight change in footwork at top of drop.

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