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Thread: Would you trade?

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    Would you trade?

    Up for Decastro?

    Seems to be considered a sure bet by many. Next Hutchinson, possibly? Cohesion with Pouncey would better solidify the entire line.

    It'd cost our #2nd Rounder no doubt, so we'd have to nail #3. But you're talking a potential Pro Bowl player (think Faneca) on your team over the next decade. We need the depth from a second-round pick so I highly doubt we'd do it, just wanted to see what you think.

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    Id rather trade down for Zeitler. I think I'd take Zeitler or Silatolu over Decastro, straight up too.
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    Wouldn't trade up for a guard, but I'd absolutely take him over any other interior lineman in this draft.

    That said, OG is too deep in this class to even consider wasting the 2nd rounder just to get DeCastro in my mind. He's probably a pretty safe bet to be a consistent starting contributor at worst, but I'm not buying into the Hutch comparisons. And even if you consider him a "Faneca level"....Faneca didn't require a top 15 pick to acquire(or even a top 20), and he was considered one of the most pro ready players in that class at any position.

    If they could get DeCastro at 24, I'd ignore my "don't draft OGs in round one" because of the apparent "safety" of his potential....but if he were to be picked in the top 15 the guy HAS to become an all pro to justify it.
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    considering we have a few holes to plug, I'd say no to moving up......

    and I'm not saying that who we get will be a sure fire remedy to cure our ills but we have to have bodies and an infusion of youth at a few positions on our team so getting picks is pretty dang important eh.....

    Gilbert, DeCastro and Pouncey sounds like a pretty good left side...
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    No, would probably be more than our #2 and a huge risk where there is enough depth to take someone else. We have a pretty good track record of drafting Guards in the 20s.

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    No way would I trade up to get a G, especially staying put we could get someone like Hightower or maybe Glenn. Plus with G depth in this draft a starting material G could be had in 2nd and possibly the 3rd round who'd be an upgrade over what we have now.
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    I fear it might take a trade up to get DeCastro or Glenn, and there appears to be a small dropoff after them. I don't see why trading up for a needed player, even if it's a guard, is such a big deal. Sure, there may be a lot of good OGs in this draft, but will they be nearly as good as DeCastro or Glenn? That's up for debate. And the team's need at OG should not be understated - they may be starting a rookie next season, so they need to make sure it's the right rookie. At the other team's biggest need positions, ILB and NT, at least the team has stopgaps in Foote and Hampton.

    Generally speaking, I'd rather the team wait until #24 and see who the BPAs are. If the team did trade up for one of them, I would not destroy my television. However, like others have said here, I'd rather they trade down if DeCastro, Glenn, Poe and Hightower are gone AND I wouldn't want them to give up too much to trade up.

    Just a hypothetical to see what the Steelers would have to give up to trade up for one of them: At least one of DeCastro or Glenn (or both) won't make it past the Cowboys at #14. But if one of them is there (or, by some miracle, the Cowboys don't address their glaring need at OG), then the Steelers need to have contingency trade plans with the Jets at #16 (who pick right before the Bengals) and the Bears at #19 (who pick right before the Titans and the Bengals' 2nd first rounder.) Since the Jets are missing their 4th round pick, the math just doesn't add up well for an even trade value. But with the Bears, a trade might be the Bears' 1st (#19) and 5th (#150) for the Steelers' 1st (#24) and 3rd (#86).

    I think my fear (and the reason I'm even thinking this through) is that the team does take the BPA at #24 and it's a running back or a wide receiver or yet another 3-4 DE. I don't want to see Hood moved to NT, if at all possible. While the team could use another RB to rest Redman and Co. & a WR taller than 5'11", I really don't want them to spend their first round pick on one. The Steelers really are just a few pieces from keeping this Super-Bowl-contention window open for several more years, IMHO. They may actually have to bite the bullet & draft for need this time around.

    In recent years, when the team has traded up in the 1st, the results were very good (Troy Polamalu and Santonio Holmes.) Then again, when they traded down in the 1st, they got good results as well (Casey Hampton). So be ye not afraid of the trade. :)
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