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Thread: 76' Raiders greatest team of all time

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    Quote Originally Posted by poptart View Post

    Oakland was 13-1 and New England was 11-3 that year.
    Who was that lone loss to again???? By how much???

    If we're going by records, then the 72 Dolphins win the tournament- no questions asked.

    1976 Raiders (16-1) - easily one of the greatest teams ever.
    Well, they were certainly one of the greatest Oakland teams ever....

    Seriously though... that team was very good, maybe even great- but as it has been pointed out already- GOAT teams don't lose by 30+. They just don't.
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    Raiders were my 2nd team always liked Stabler, Van Eagen, Branch and the rest, can't forget Madden. I took the raiders in a bet with a coworker, ($5) on the first playoff game we ended up double or nothing all the way through the playoffs and superbowl. Just a little something I remember about that team.
    Not sure they are the best ever though.

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    I remember being so impressed when the Raiders, with a loss, would eliminate the feared Steelers. Instead they played great on MNF.

    With that said I love to see Raider Fan get all butt hurt in this thread.

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