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Thread: Does The Sporting News still put out a draft guide?

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    Does The Sporting News still put out a draft guide?

    I've seen a bunch of others available, and usually it's one of the first if I remember right.

    Not that it's most accurate or anything, I just decided a few years ago that I like the format, and will buy that one every year.

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    Seen Lindy's, but not Sporting News.

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    I haven't seen any draft guides in the past few years. Now that all the information is on the internet and being constantly updated, printed magazine guides are waaaaay outdated by the time they hit the shelves.
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    I started on the TSN long ago, but switched to the PFW after a few years.

    Haven't seen the TSN, but I know PFW still does theirs.
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    I kind of like having the magazine. I generally buy TSN also because it ranks the prospects numerically. But I haven't seen it on the stands lately so I haven't bought one this year. Besides, I can just go into Barnes and Nobles or Books-A-Million and just read them there.
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