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Thread: Tannehill runs a 4.61

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    Apparently he had an excellent workout overall.

    He's a guy with all the tools. He just needs to be coached up like Aaron Rodgers was. Shurmur, Philbin or Reid would be great fits.

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    Tannehill may be overrated by the pundits, but he sure seems underrated by the message boarders and the like. I think he's a pretty good prospect. He has some very nice numbers and an impressive skillset.

    People sure are going overboard over last year's QB class too. First of all, of course QBs will go higher than their overall board ranking. Its the most important position on the field. Arguing that a guy shoudl be a late first but nopot a high first at the QB position is ridiculous. You either believe he's a likely franchise QB or you don't. Especially without the huge contracts for top 10 picks.

    2nd of all, we don't know jack about last year's QB class. Gabbert has all the skills you could want, but zero pocket presence, so I worry most about him. Its way too early on Ponder or Locker and Dalton worked out pretty well, as did Newton who these same people thought was WAY overdrafted last year. How many people did we hear call him not even a first round pick? Too many, that's for sure.

    I think Tannehill could just as easily be next year's Dalton as he could be next year's Gabbert. What exactly is it that people think this kid is missing? I'm not saying he's perfect, but he's smart, athletic, productive and has pretty good mechanics and intangibles. Does he have some obvious flaw I'm missing? Are people just labelling him raw because he has a few less starts than you'd like? He doesn't play raw IMO.
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    Miami wants to make a splash, but I think the owner is in "compete now" mode, which is why I don't think Miami takes a guy that has to be developed, especially if he has to give up one or to more early picks, which we could use to plug some more holes with.

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