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Thread: I hate to bring this clown up but....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deano View Post
    Most posters are tired of your antagonism and feel no need to point out the obvious. Me, I can't resist.

    I think in a battle of football knowledge, Wiz would leave you cowering in a foxhole like Saddam Hussein.
    This is rich coming from the coward who bytched in PMs at the mods for doing this or not doing that, subsequently got elected a mod himself and flat out quit moderating after what, a week was it?

    So yeah, i imagine you'd know a lot about cowering in foxholes.
    "Stop doing the wrong things. Stop promoting competition and choice as answers to the very inequality that was created by competition and choice."
    ~ Diane Ravitch, Reign of Error

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    LOL. ...these threads will never disappoint.

    "Me against the world? So what…Im Brian Dawkins
    versus the whole 0 and 16 Lions offense
    So bring on the Giants Falcons and Miami Dolphins…"

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    Hi. My name is Dave and I am a Redskins fan.

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    I think this one has run it's course....I'm shutting her down.

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