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Thread: tell me about Mark Anderson

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    Question tell me about Mark Anderson

    Bills just signed him to a 4 year deal. In case you weren't aware, the Bills plan on playing mostly 4-3. Should I expect Anderson to take the "other" starting DE spot away from Kelsay? Or is he more of a situational / part-time player?

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    Solid pass rusher. Can't do much else, but he can impact a game -- he completely manhandled Denver during the regular season.

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    Boom-bust. He was a good situational rusher for the team last year, but I don't know if he's worth $7MM per year. At least most of it is not guaranteed. Other than his rookie year and 2011, he's been a complete non-factor, so I wouldn't be shocked if he fails to live up to the deal.
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    Playing next to the talent you have on that D-Line...He could do very well...
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    You will love him, IMO...but will he be worth 8M a year (close to it)? I don't know... although he could have 10+ sacks again easily lined up opposite Williams.
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    Good pass rusher. One dimensional and inconsistent though.
    Could be very productive along that line but I'd worry a bit about him coasting.

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    He's better served in a rotation as he tends to tire a bit toward the end of games. A bit soft in run support but more than makes up for it rushing the passer.

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    On passing downs great he can rush the passer but he is not a full time player.
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    I think this is his first 'big' contract. I hope he doesn't get AHS (Albert Hayensworth Syndrome) on y'all (well actually I kind of do...)
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    I don't know if he's an 7 million man but on that line he'll probably do well.

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    Anderson got his payday. If he didn't play for the Pats I bet the Western NY Ralph Wilson's wouldn't have paid him. He's a pass rusher. .... sometimes he can make huge plays. We'll see what happens.

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