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Thread: Browns QB options

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    Browns QB options

    Browns QB options include:
    1. Stay with McCoy and give him better players around him- Not ideal, but don't want to "over spend" on other options that improve only one position.
    2. RG3- not an option anylonger anyway, but this is exactly what I was mentioning above to have got to pick #2 was too much (IMO).
    3. Flynn- again IMO he is going to demand way to much money. I mean really what has he proven? limmited starts (2?) on a team with many fantastic options (not exactly Cleveland's situation). Flynn signs with Seattle.
    4. Whichever current QB Payton Maning bumps:
    Not Kolb- Arizona out of the picture
    What about Alex Smith if Maning ends up in S.F. (Smith is a FA but no way he leaves SF on his own. Smith resigns with SF
    5. Draft Tannehill- Nice potential but with only 1 yr at QB. Considered 2nd round tallent that probibly will go in the 1st rd due to teams reaching because of limited options. I think no way is he our early 1st rd pick. I would prefer to get him with our #37, but doubt if he would be there then. Probibly would have to take him at #22 to get him. Wouldn't consider him myself before #22, but could live with him at #22.
    6. Suprise long shot:
    Vince Young, Josh Jonson or David Garrad-I haven't heard anything about any of these, but wouldn't they a FA possibility as a stopgap untill a long term option is obtained? Garrad signs with Miami.

    Anyway, above are my thoughts. Jump in here and share your thoughts on this.
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    Screw Matt Flynn...I dont get the hype for this guy. He had one good game (in a loaded offense) and only 2 starts. Colt threw 5 TDs in a game in what?

    Screw Kevin Kolb...I think he's shown he's not really a quality starter. And he's not leaving Arizona anyway.

    Screw Tannehill...dude has only started 19 games after playing WR, has small hands, and has accuracy and mechanics issues. He's a project and that's not the type of guy you take in the 1st round.

    Young, Johnson, Garrard, McNabb, Culpepper, etc...bleh. Why bother?

    I guess that leaves Alex Smith (and Matt Hasselbeck if the Titans sign Peyton). I don't think either is great, but I wouldn't mind bringing in either of them on a one year deal to compete with Colt. If Peyton signs with Denver, I don't see them moving Tebow.

    Some options I think you've left out. They could take a guy like Wheedon or Cousins in the 2nd or 3rd. But I wouldn't, because I think we already have that guy on our roster and I don't see any value in spending another 2nd/3rd on a QB. We could use that pick to add depth at any one of several positions (O-line, RB, OLB), where we desperately need it.

    But I completely disagree with you about the cost of trading up to #2. Yeah, it was a steep price, but that's about the only way you're going to get a franchise QB unless you get the #1 pick. What's the cost of NOT making that trade? And what good are those picks if you don't have a QB? The few good player we have are in the prime of their careers and we're wasting them.
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    Took a look at the 2013 QB draft class:
    Matt Barkley USC 6'-2 220
    Landry Jones Oklahoma 6'-4 230
    Tyler Wilson Arkansas 6'-3 220
    Gino Smith West Virgina 6'-3 215
    E. J. Manuel Florida St. 6'-4 225

    Tyler Bray Tennessee (Jr) 6-5 220

    Just looking ahead

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