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Thread: Your Browns Dream Draft

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    Your Browns Dream Draft

    Buckeyeboys Dream Draft
    1A- Trade down (maybe with Rams #4 for 6 & 33) pick up Richardson (RB)
    1B- at #22- Tannehill (QB) Note:Would rather have Perry (DE/LB) but untill we get a QB......Tannehill may be only a 2nd rd tallent, but a little reach for him at #22 wouldn't be unreasonable or unexpected.
    2A- with Rams #33- Randel (WR)
    2B at #37- Branch (DE)
    3 at #68- Massie (OT)
    4A at #100- Brown (G/T)
    4B at #118- Martin (S)
    5 at #131- Jansen (CB/S)
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    Just not Tannehill at #4.

    Richardson and Floyd in the 1st would be awesome... Then BPA at #37... QB, OLB, OT, OG, DE, or CB.

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