I found this in BTB and agree 100%.

"Media pundits have oft said that the Cowboys cannot succeed without a "strong" head coach, one who can overrule Jerry and institute his own plan. I'm not sure this is accurate; I think Jerry needs a coach with a plan. The elder Jones is fundamentally impatient, so much so that he is incapable of implementing a long-term plan. He is also a terrific collaborator who listens to his guys, especially his head coach. I have written elsewhere that Jerry Jones is a chameleon, adaptable to his surroundings. Usually, this has meant that he'll begin to parrot the philosophical mantras of his head coach--when the coach has one. Who are the three coaches whose language Jerry has appropriated? Johnson, Parcells, and Garrett.

In short, when that head coach has a plan, then the organization has a plan. Garrett, the ultimate detail-oriented planner, had a clear-eyed free agency strategy gleaned from the behaviors of the most successful organizations. That's a plan I can get behind; certainly, Jerry seems to have."

Why is it that a blogger is able to fairly characterize Jerry Jones when a horde of local media too often fall back to overused simplistic cliches?