10 Team 5x5 Roto Keeper league
Scoring is basic 5x5 except we changed from BA to OBP this year.
We get to keep 1 Hitter & 1 Pitcher for 1 season at the cost of the round they were drafted. Players can't be kept longer then 1 year and Waiver and FA pickups can't be kept.

I kept Jacoby Ellsbury (6th Rd) and Michael Pineda (22nd Rd.)

Draft order is determined by a lottery system each year. I ended up with the 2nd pick.

C - Napoli (39)
1B - Cabrera (2)
2B - Utley (62)
3B - ARod (42)
SS - Rameriz, H. (19) - Wasn't happy taking him here, but didn't want to take a SP and wasn't taking Teixeira after taking Cabrera. Also think it was too early for Stanton.
IF - Ike Davis (142)
OF - Ellsbury (6th Rd Keeper)
OF - Victorino (79)
OF - Beltran (119) - Didn't want to take him here, but with 4 starting OFs they were running out quick and didn't want to be stuck like I was last season with terrible #3 & 4 OFs.
OF - Hart (122) - As I just said OFs were running out and didn't think any would be left when my turn came back up. If I would have thought Logan Morrison would make it to my next pick I probably would have taken a SP here.
Util. - Cameron Maybin (139) - Ended up going 3 OFs in a row. Decided on Maybin because he was the last decent OF left and at least he'd help with SBs if one of my OFs get hurt. More then likely another player I drafted will start here at my Utility spot.

Trout (199) - drafted for next year. I can keep him for a 20th Rd pick.
Kipinis (182)
Pena (222) - IMO getting him in Rd 23 was awesome value. Especially in this league where we use OBP and his average don't hurt me. How many 30 HR 90 RBI guy can you find in the 23rd Rd?

Starting Pitchers
Michael Pineda (22nd Rd Keeper)
Cole Hamels (22) - Could have taken Lincecum, but decided to roll with Hamels heading into free agency.
Josh Beckett (82)
Brandon Marrow (159)
Brandon McCarthy (179)
Johan Santana (202) - Decided to take a chance on Santana over guys like Chacin & Wandy after hearing the reports on him in camp. Figured either way there will be plenty of pitching on the wire if he doesn't pan out. In fact both Chacin & Wandy went undrafted. Very surprising to me.
Vance Worley (239) - Again went with the upside of Worley over the 2 mentioned guys above.
Jarrod Parker (242) - I always take a prospect with the final pick in the draft just in case he pans out and I can keep him next year at the cost of nearly nothing. Also Psarker has a great shot at making the rotation in Oakland. I took him over Teheran, Turner, & Pomeranz. Just hope I might the right choice of those 4.

Heath Bell (99) - Really wasn't happy with my choices at RP, but I think as a group they should do fine. Again a run on RPs hurt my chances twice. I do think I'll be fine with these 3 guys.
Sergio Santos (102)
Chris Perez (162)

So how do you guys think I did?