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Thread: sports games are so friggin good right now.

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    sports games are so friggin good right now.

    Every sports game, except for maybe football, is awesome. NBA2k12, FIFA 12, NHL12, The Show, MLB2k12, Tiger Woods 13, Forza 3 ... it's just like sports games have reached the pinnacle of gaming. I mean, it sucks that it took years to get to this point on the next gen systems, there's just been so much polishing over the years and it was frustrating for some of these games, but I think we're at the pinnacle of sports gaming at the moment.

    I mean, I used to hate the Tiger Woods series b/c so much of it was just leveling up your shots until everything was so forgiving that all you had to do is press down up and the ball would just get sucked into the hole (just your wife did last night ... see what i did there?). I played the demo last night and was just completely blown away by the physics. The graphics aren't stunning but the physics are damn near perfect. Love how you can finally feel like you can actually CRAFT a shot through set up and swing plane rather than choosing your from a drop down menu.

    Very cool stuff.

    If you haven't been playing the NHL series or FIFA, you're missing out big time.

    Hopefully stupid football games will get their heads out of their asses and figure some things out. Unrealistic offensive lines, robo-QBs, superhuman LB ball swatters, dropped INT after dropped INT by DBs ... just robs NCAA and Maddan of any semblance of realism.
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    The thing with football games is that is likely the hardest one to get perfect. There's a lot of moving parts that are involved in every play. I imagine the developing of the football games is a tough task for any studio. It doesn't help that only EA can do it, but still.

    But yeah man, the NBA2K series is amazing. The detail they put in during game play is outstanding. Watch a replay of some of your games and you'll see every player on the court is reacting and in the proper way. Pretty amazing.

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    College Football is fun because of the wide variety of formations and plays.

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