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Thread: Keeper Advice for another league

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    Keeper Advice for another league

    Just wondering about your thoughts on my best keeper option in another league I'm in. It's a 10 team 5x5 Keeper league. We get to keep 4 players plus 2 minor league players. You can only keep players drafted after round 4 and you can only keep a player for 5 full years. This is my 3rd year in the league. I won the league my 1st year and came in 4th last season. One last thing I have the 1st pick in the draft. Here is what I'm looking at for my keepers.

    Minor League options (I'm not going to post how they figure out if the player is a minor league keeper eligible. You'll just have to take my word on it)

    OF Desmond Jennings
    - Pretty much a no brainer
    C Salvador Perez - Played above his head offensively according to his critics.
    SS/3B Jed Lowrie -He has Pros and Cons on why or why I shouldn't keep him. Going to Houston pretty much guarantees he plays everyday, but he also goes from a great lineup to a terrible lineup. Although the multi-position eligibility and a great hitters park for RH hitters should help him.
    SP Kyle Drabek - Not even sure if he'll be starting in the majors this season.

    So Perez or Lowrie? Before deciding let me add it's a 2 Catcher league. Still I like Lowrie and am leading towards keeping him. The league also starts a MI and a CI.

    Need 4 Keepers from these

    Obvious Keepers - End of Contract year in ()

    C Carlos Santana (2014)
    Justin Verlander (2013)
    Jon Lester (2013)

    Need to pick 1 player from these players

    1B Eric Hosmer (2016)
    1B Adam Lind (2016)
    OF Adam Jones (2016)
    OF BJ Upton (2016) -
    Leaning toward keeping him because of the SBs. Can't say I'm a big fan of him. Much rather keep Heyward, Jones, or Pineda, but they all could have done years compared to last season.
    OF Jason Hayward (2014)
    SP Micheal Pineda (2016)
    SP Gio Gonzalez (2016)
    SP Ivan Nova (2016)
    SP Max Scherzer (2016)
    RP Drew Storen (2016)

    Having the 1st pick in the draft and the likelyhood of drafting Pujols or Cabrera I think keeping Hosmer or Lind wouldn't make sense. Although I could start either at the CI spot. The thing is in this league with only 10 players you pretty much should just keep the best players and not worry much about how long you have them unless it's only 1 more year. Still I have no idea who to keep out of those guys. Which Rookie would you keep? Then which 1 player from that list should I keep?
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    I wouldn't keep Drabek, as he's a longshot right now to be in the starting rotation. Then again, maybe he matured during the off-season and he'll come out blazing.

    If you decide to keep Drabek, then I would keep Lowrie. I think Perez's year was somewhat of a fluke, and you probably could land a catcher later in the draft. BTW, you should draft Travis D'Arnaud if you can. He'll start the year in the minors, but he could be up mid-season.

    As for the MLB keeper, Pineda is the pick given his age, you control his rights for another five seasons, and he's moving to a team that will give him run support. Gonzalez would be the other guy I would consider, as the Nationals are a young team that will be legitimate contenders very soon.
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