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Thread: A few Questions about PCH

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    A few Questions about PCH

    It's that time of year when PCH or better known as Publishers Clearing House start running commercials to start looking for the next $1 million dollar a year winner. Got me wondering about some of the posters her and where they stand on PCH. So here are a few questions with that in mind.

    1. Have you or your wife ever sent back the PCH entry with the stamps it required to enter? Will you do it this year?

    2. Have you ever bought anything from PCH when you entered the contest?

    3. How does PCH afford to pay the jackpot winners? I mean it used to be they'd give you a $1000 a week for life and then $10,000 a week, and after that $100,000 a month, and now it's up to a $1 million a year for life. I just can't see how they can Give away prizes like this every year and afford to pay them out. The thing is it's not only the jackpot prize they pay out, but also many other awards. That seems like a lot of money they have to continue to pay out over a very long period of time. Just not sure how they can continue to give out Jackpots every year that pay out for a lifetime.

    I've never been a big fan of PCH, but I can care less if people buy into it or not. My wife seems to try to win the contest every year and from time to time she buys magazines. I've bought a magazine a time or 2 from them, but only after my wife said she was sending it in. All things considered I'd probably just ignore the mailings if it wasn't for my wife.

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    3. 700 million revenue in 2010. Big companies piss a million.

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    I have a cousin who went DEEP down that rabbit hole and he said it was a waste of time....
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    I went deep down your wife's rabbit hole.
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    I read a story some years ago about the writer who does all the writing for this campaign. It's the only job he has (or had at any rate) and it paid him a strong six-figure salary. For writers working in advertising, this is the holy grail.
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