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Thread: Payout structure ideas, non-winner take all leagues

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    Payout structure ideas, non-winner take all leagues

    I run two leagues, with slightly different payout scenarios. Both charge $2 for each trade and pickup.

    Super Bowl Winner 40%
    Weekly High Score 10% (divided by number of weeks in the regular season)
    Toilet Bowl Winner 2% (week 16 game of all non-playoff teams. High score wins)
    Highest Points 30%
    Division Winners 10% (divided among them)
    Playoff Berths 8% (divided among them)


    Super Bowl Winner 45%
    Weekly High Score 20%
    Toilet Bowl Winner 5%
    Highest Points 5%
    Division Winners 5%
    Playoff Losers 5%
    Super Bowl Loser 15%

    Any thoughts or ideas about the spread, or changing up awards in this kind of format?
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    This is what we do in our league:

    Total points for the year is 60% of main pot:

    We pay 1/2 of that to 1st place, 1/3 to 2nd place, and 1/6th to 3rd place (which is equal to the entry fee)

    Head-to-head playoffs get 40% of main pot. :

    Winner of playoffs gets 5/8ths of the 40%, 2nd gets 3/8ths of the 40%.

    If you don't make the playoffs, you enter the "waiver tournament". As you lose from the playoffs, you drop down into the waiver tournament. Winner of the waiver tournament gets their entry fee back from the pot of money collected for picking up players ($3 per pickup). the rest of the waiver money goes to the yearly overall points champion.

    Seems complicated, but really isn't. The nice thing about doing it this way is many years almost half the league will get paid something, and it keeps interest high through Week 17.

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