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Thread: FORUM GUIDELINES - Please read before participating here

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    Arrow FORUM GUIDELINES - Please read before participating here

    Welcome to NST. While this is generally an “anything goes” forum, there are certain rules/limitations.
    Please read and follow these rules during all discussions in this forum.

    1) Based on experiences here, certain subjects tend to inflame some posters, causing the discussion to degrade into a heated exchange of personal attacks. These subjects include, but aren't limited to: (listed in no particular order)

    abortion, race/ethnicity, religion, homosexuality

    For all of the above, it’s acceptable for the above listed topic(s) to be mentioned in the course of discussion, or for there to be a general discussion about a certain aspect of the subject. I'll keep a close eye on those discussions, and will close threads (possibly even without warning) if they get out of control.

    2) Do not circumvent the rules/moderator by starting a new discussion about the identical or nearly identical subject of a thread that was recently closed.

    The closest analogy I can think of is an objection which is sustained during a court proceeding. The lawyer isn't allowed to ask the same question or anything similar again. He/she is required by the rules to move on to a different topic.

    3) Do not “hijack” threads, turning them into a totally different topic.

    Many threads have almost a life of their own, transitioning from one topic area to another. Of course, that’s fine. However, it’s unacceptable for someone to purposely steer a thread away from it’s intended course.

    4) Threads started for the sole purpose of discussing a member or members who have been banned from the forum are not permitted.

    Some other things to remember.....

    - These rules also apply to signatures, avatars, and any other means of communicating publicly in the forum.

    - These rules are not open for discussion/debate. Generally speaking, if you have a question on the rules or how I interpret them, please send me a Private Message, as opposed to posting it on this forum.

    - Anyone who sees a flagrant violation of the rules is welcome to PM me so I can take appropriate action.

    - Even with the rules we have in place, this forum is not very PC, and we like it that way. Also, if you have no sense of humor and can't take a joke or a minor jab, this is not the place for you.

    There are also rules that are universal to KFFL that you should already know by now....

    a] No personal attacks/name calling

    b] No spam

    c] No threats to posters/mods/administrators

    d] Do not post under another user name other than the one you already have, unless OKed by an administrator.

    e] No links to pornographic/illegal sites

    f] Excessively vulgar language is not permitted. If you wouldn't say it in mixed company, don't post it here.

    g] No "baiting", i.e. topics/posts in which the primary purpose is to incite other posters into responding in a hostile manner.

    h] Per our site administrator Ryan, this is the site policy on posting copyrighted material from other sites. Generally speaking, all news stories, op-ed pieces, and things of that nature fall into this category. This is taken verbatim from a post he made in one of the other forums here, and copied here per his request:

    1) FREE ARTICLES/COLUMNS - If there's a story on another site you want to talk about; post the link to the story and make your comments about it. If you want to cite stuff from it, feel free to paraphrase or take small (1-2 sentences) and quote it as should be properly done. Do not post the entire story from another site.

    2) PREMIUM/SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION - Any paid content from any premium site, KFFL or otherwise, is not to be posted in any means on the forums (yes, that includes being transfered through private messages). Yes, you may have paid for the subscription to premium site... however, that paid subscription does not give you the right to post information from that site elsewhere for others to consume for free.

    Not sticking with those concepts will result in a ban from the website.

    Finally, use the good old common sense factor; if you have to think about it or consider asking about whether or not you can post it, chances are high that you're not supposed to be doing it.

    Enforcement of NST guidelines

    I will close discussions that stray outside of the forum guidelines. Repeat or flagrant violations may be subject to more severe action, including possibly permanently losing your posting privileges. If your posting privileges are revoked, and you attempt to re-enter the forum under another name, the site administrators will contact your ISP and strongly encourage them to terminate your account.

    Enjoy. IMO this is one of the best open discussion forums around, and I intend to do everything I can to keep it that way. Anyone who purposely disrupts the forum to the point where they become a nuisance will be shown the “virtual door” ASAP.

    You are welcome to contact me via PM with any questions. If you think a public discussion is a better way to get your question(s) answered, you are welcome to do that as well. I try to stop by the forum at least once or twice every day.

    Your NST moderator,

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